What is a Cooperative?

Cooperative Spirit

In the true spirit of a cooperative, parents and family members are invited and encouraged to offer their time, talents, and support to the Preschool in some capacity.  In the fall, family members will have the opportunity to sign up for tasks ranging from assisting in the classroom to repairing toys and books.  In addition, the monthly newsletter often contains requests for volunteer help for special projects or for donation of needed items.

The Meadville Cooperative Preschool has operated as a parent cooperative since it was founded in 1961. We depend on parents not only because a cooperative allows us to offer the best education to our children at a fair price, but also because we believe a willingness to work together for a common benefit is an important value to instill in our children.


The Meadville Cooperative Preschool is a non-profit independent preschool with a commitment to a high quality learning environment for our children at a fair price.  We count on our families to help out with day-to-day operating costs such as school supplies, maintenance and repairs, and scholarships through various fundraising efforts.  We focus on two main events, one in the spring, and one in the fall.  Each family is asked to fundraise or choose the opt out fee.